Inspired by artisanal crafts and gemstones from around the world, ORFÉLIE is a new brand offering timeless and refined jewellery to the modern woman. Created by Eric Farges the brand is a visual celebration of the meeting between his native France and the design philosophy of his adopted home country Denmark.

Eric Farges has always had a passion for coloured, natural stones and they way they change their expression and provide a contemporary elegance when matched with contrasting shades, cuts and lustres. The beauty of a perfect, lustrous pearl is hard to surpass but when matched with a brilliant cut indicolite apatite, the classic pearl becomes contemporary and full of life and the depth and beauty of the apatite expands. 

In his efforts to create a new expression, Eric Farges has teamed up with a talented and very passionate fine jewellery designer with more than ten years’ experience from the jewellery industry. Together they scout the world to transfer their impressions into beautifully crafted jewellery in the hope of passing on the 'art de vivre' and great joy that precious jewels offer.